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Gigand Ltd.

The Gigand Co. has been one of Taiwan's leading producers of knives and knife parts for over twenty years. The company has produced private brand knives and knife parts for companies all over the world. The Gigand Co. produces over one million private brand knives per year along with component parts for knives coming from Europe and Asia.

In 1995 Gigand took the bold step to enter the worldwide knife market using it's own brand name. This was a significant step for the company as no other producer of private brand knives in Taiwan had taken such a step.

From the outset the goal of Gigand and it's designer, Dr. Fred Carter, was to produce the highest possible quality and design at a reasonable price. The designer of the Gigand line, Dr. Fred Carter, has been a custom knifemaker for over twenty-five years. Dr. Carter has held many offices in the Knifemakers Guild including two terms as President. Over the years he as won many significant awards for his work, including twice winning the W.W. Cronk award for best knife of the Knifemakers Guild Show.

Gigand and Dr. Carter are dedicated to the continued production of the highest quality knives possible. The materials and construction are state of the art. Computer controlled machining, space age materials and the finest steels are used in Gigand knives. Indeed, the latest knives from Gigand are on a quality level that not only matches but also often surpasses many hand made knives.

Feel confident that the ownership of a Gigand made knife gives you the best knife available, we invite comparison with the major brands on the market today as we feel confident that our quality will stand the test.

Look to Gigand to lead the way in development and production of the highest quality knives.

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